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  1. Can you please give me some info on a 2004 Clio 1.4 Lt Auto. My sister in law in her early 70’s (Not very car savvy) Has just bought this car 40 days ago in Wynnum & the electric remote key wont open the boot( Cant get to the spare Tyre or put things in boot) BUT apparently will lock the other doors. A mechanic whose Car Yard mate sold her the car said that they will & haven’t yet been able to get the correct ?? electrical part. Don’t know how much she paid or any warranty that went with the sale. Has 6 months rego

    She lives at Cleveland & My wife & I live at Kallangur. We can’t Travel very well @ present ( I am 75 & getting over a prostate problem) & she did not ask for advise Or help & took a girl friend when she had to replace her old Mazda after an accident. I have tried to look for a w/shop manual but so far to no avail..My Mobile number is 0408 194 346

    The info I get from her over the phone is very vague & sketchy. (It seems unlike my 2003 Falcon, that has both a key & a boot button on the dash to open the boot) That this Reno does not have any other way to open boot.

    I would be pleased if I can get info/copy of the boot/doors or any other helpful hints,in order to email her this info so she may be able to get something fixed via a couple of men in the artist group of painters.

    Yours sincerely Albert Carlsson ( My younger brother Colin & his wife Sandra used to drive an R16 in Castrol Safety Drives many years age)

    1. Dear Albert.

      I’m afraid that I do not have expertise in your area of concern. May I suggest that you check and one of the face book sites for Renault.

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