In 1970 The Renault Club of Queensland was formed to provide for the social and sporting needs of Renault enthusiasts in Queensland.

Membership is available to anyone with an interest in Renaults and the various activities of the club.

The RCCQ is a very active club with a wide range of social and sporting events. Restoration of older Renaults is also encouraged.

“Rallye” – the official club magazine is sent to members with information about experiences, technical tips, news of coming events, results of events and articles of general and specific interest to Renault owners. The magazine is also available for private advertising free of charge by members. Emails are also sent out regularly to keep members informed of events of interest. The club also has its own forum where information on forth coming events are listed along with other items to interest Renault owners.

The club has a range of technical and general interest books and there is also club merchandise such as stickers, key rings and polo shirts to maintain the club identity.

Club Night. The club meets monthly to discuss club business, reflect on previous club events, watch motor sport videos, exchange ideas and discuss future events. Often guest speakers are invited to speak at Club Nights. They are held on the fourth Wednesday of the month (except December) starting 7:30 pm at Club meetings are now being held at the Citroen Club rooms, 51 Crewe Street, Mount Gravatt East.

 RCCQ Forum